Summer Riding Checklist

It would be great to have all the trunk space available in a car. Alas, your motorcycle has weight limits, and it all has to be evenly distributed around the bike’s center of gravity. You know you need to pack light, but some small basic items really make a difference even on a short tour.

 “Did you forget the…?”

We’ve all been in the position of starting on a trip and realizing partway through that something crucial got left behind. If you’re traveling with a partner or group, you can rely on somebody to lend a flashlight or a tire plug kit.

If you’re traveling solo, or want a reminder of things to pack that ought not to be shared (like chapstick) for your next trip, here’s a non-comprehensive list compiled from tips offered by the American Motorcyclist Association and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. In no particular order of importance:

  1. Eye drops – to wash out dust and refresh tired eyes.
  2. Sunscreen and lip balm – to protect your pretty face.
  3. A face mask – to keep dust out of your lungs.
  4. Summer gloves – to protect your hands from wind chap and sunburn.
  5. Heavy-duty trash bags and plastic zip bags – to line your saddlebags and organize your things.
  6. Earplugs – to reduce wind noise.
  7. A small towel – for wiping away dew and dirt.
  8. Spare key – hidden on your bike.
  9. Portable weather radio – to dodge nasty storms.
  10. A tire plug kit – practice on an old tire so you’ll know how to use it.
  11. A backpack hydration system like CamelBak lets you drink hands-free.
  12. Extra bungees, zip-ties, Velcro strips, duct tape.
  13. Dog-tag with your name and contact info.
  14. Cell phone for emergencies. Note markers such as exits and town names to help save time finding you.
  15. Rain gear
  16. GPS or map
  17. Emergency cash
  18. First aid kit
  19. Bike battery charger
  20. Flashlight

You can find more tips here:

American Motorcyclist Association website

Harley Davidson Motorcycles website

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