July is UV Safety Month

This month, as you’re spending time outside enjoying the longer days, take extra care to protect your skin. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun is a leading cause of skin cancer.

Skip the sunscreen pill fad from 2018. The FDA denounced companies that claimed their products could prevent sun damage from the inside out.

Instead, follow the recommendations listed on the American Cancer Society (ACS) web site to decrease your risk of cancer, including covering skin and taking breaks from the sun.

 A light layer of clothing such as our long sleeved reflective shirts will block UV rays. Remember your hands – try our summer gloves – and shield your head with a hat or head hugger. Last but not least, slip on a pair of UV sunglasses large enough to block sun from the entire eye area.

Any part of your skin that won’t be covered by clothing should be coated with sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Sunscreen should go on your face, hands and hair part as well. Don’t forget to reapply according to package directions, or at least every two hours.

Take frequent breaks from the sun by seeking shade. The ACS also suggests we should be careful of spending long periods near windows with direct sunlight – UV rays still get through unless they’re tinted to block UV. Avoid tanning beds and UV lamps used in nail salons.

Follow these recommendations every time you go out to play in the sun. Most important of all, teach the same rules to kids so the next generation knows how to limit their risk of skin cancer.

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