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Deerskin gloves

Deerskin gloves have the ability to expand, ensuring that their dimensions will perfectly fit in your hand. The leather acts as a barrier between your skin and fingertips, preserving overall flexibility. Hugger allows you to convey an air of confidence whenever you wear them because quality of the leather is evident from a distance. If you're looking for something to boost your comfort, men's deerskin gloves are an excellent choice.

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How is it water repellent?

Water repellency is a key characteristic of deerskin leather. Hence, if you're a diver or prefer to stay in the water, but don't want your hands to get in the way of your fun adventure, our men's deerskin gloves are the way to go. The market lacks high-quality water gloves with a trendy twist, but hugger has created something unique in its own right, providing you with a luxurious leather sensation along with comfort that makes you smile. Are you interested in learning more about the qualities that distinguish our men's deerskin gloves? So, here's a rundown of everything.

  • Superb durability
  • Natural hues
  • Simple to clean
  • Inexpensive
  • Stronger flexibility
  • Supple material
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