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Gauntlet Gloves

Hugger Glove Company sells gloves in a variety of lengths and cuts to suit your needs, but one of our top sellers year-round is the Wind Stopper gauntlet. Our customers love gauntlets, and we agree that owning a pair is one the best decisions you can make, because they: 1 – Protect your hands and […]

Best Fall Gloves

It’s officially Autumn. Ready for cooler temps and colorful trees? Before the days get too short, you might be planning a nice long trip on your beloved bike. Make sure you’ve got the right gloves for the ride by checking out our list of recommendations below: Our top seller is the Wind Stopper, and no […]

Summer Gloves

Motorcycle season is at its peak– there are hundreds of bike rallies and events nationwide this month as riders celebrate the last of the summer heat and long hours of daylight. Gloves that were perfect a few months ago are making your hands sweat. Don’t give up on hand protection! Our gloves reduce hand fatigue […]

July is UV Safety Month

This month, as you’re spending time outside enjoying the longer days, take extra care to protect your skin. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun is a leading cause of skin cancer. Skip the sunscreen pill fad from 2018. The FDA denounced companies that claimed their products could prevent sun damage from the inside […]

Summer Riding Checklist

It would be great to have all the trunk space available in a car. Alas, your motorcycle has weight limits, and it all has to be evenly distributed around the bike’s center of gravity. You know you need to pack light, but some small basic items really make a difference even on a short tour. […]

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