Gauntlet Gloves

Hugger Glove Company sells gloves in a variety of lengths and cuts to suit your needs, but one of our top sellers year-round is the Wind Stopper gauntlet. Our customers love gauntlets, and we agree that owning a pair is one the best decisions you can make, because they:

1 – Protect your hands and forearms from wind chap. You’ve got lip balm, a bandana or face mask, or a helmet with a visor to keep your pretty face from chapping, but what will keep your hands from turning red and raw? A good long pair of gloves will help prevent that.

2 – Protect clothing from excess wear and tear. Sleeves get roughed up by constant battering from the wind. Your shirts will last longer while covered up with a long leather cuff.

3 – Limit wind resistance while riding. Those sleeves fluttering in the breeze slow down your ride a little. Increase maneuverability by covering up your two main entry points for air currents.

4 – Keep your arms and hands a bit warmer so your riding season lasts longer.

5 – Put the finishing touch on a great costume. There are dozens of occasions to dress up year-round: Halloween, theater, kids’ birthday parties, and conventions. Our gauntlet gloves are versatile and look great on pirates, superheroes, crooks, cowboys, and more.

Whatever the specific reason you need gauntlet gloves, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to buy a pair today: we offer free shipping and free exchange/return as well as a one-year warranty.

Men’s gauntlets can be found here.

Women’s gauntlets can be found here.

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