Biggest reasons to wear motorcycle gloves

You need your hands to ride a motorcycle. Take care of them properly with a decent pair of gloves in order to:
1- Reduce injury when you fall. It can happen to anyone at any time, and the first thing you do is instinctively throw your hand out to stop your head from hitting the road. The result is horribly scraped up hands which need to heal before you can ride again.
2- Guard your hands against sun, debris and rain. Sunburn, scratches from sand blasting your skin and moisture between your fingers are all really annoying distractions from the joy of riding.
3- Reduce numbness due to road vibrations. If you can’t feel your hands you’ll have a hard time controlling your bike.
4- Keep your hands warm and dry. When temps are low, insulation and moisture-wicking material built into a pair of leather gloves should do the trick. In warmer weather, just a snug layer of perforated leather that covers the essential parts of the hand – aka choppers/fingerless.
5- Get a good grip. A secure hold on your handlebars boosts your confidence and your ability to respond to anything the road may throw at you. And that’s what makes for a great ride.

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