Winter Gloves

From mild to intense winter weather, we have you covered.

1. For cool days: Lined Classic Gauntlet Gloves

When your top concern is keeping chilly wind and rain off your arms, these are the right gloves for you. Our Technaline leather endures wind and rain while maintaining its structure and softness. The waterproof Wonder Dry insert works to keep the interior of the gauntlet dry and just a little warmer.


2. For cold days: Extreme Warmth Winter Glove with Long Sweater-Knit Cuff

When the temperature drops, the TVT insulation in these water resistant leather gloves will keep your hands warm down to 15 degrees. The long knit cuff blocks out cold winds. 


3. For snow days:  Textile Gauntlet Snowmobile Gloves

When you have to – or want to – head out into the snow, strap on a pair of these beauties. Keep your hands warm and dry with 200 grams of cold stop insulation and a water resistant textile fabric. The cinch around the wrist and a bungee tie further up protect your arms from invasive snowflakes.


4. For subzero days: Extreme Warmth Winter Glove with Silk Liner

When you just want to play all day in a winter wonderland, slip on the silk liner that comes with these gloves for a 30% boost to heat retention. The gloves themselves pack 200 grams of insulation, a waterproof inside liner, and warm plush interior, all within a water resistant textile shell.


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