Men’s Water Resistant Deerskin Three Seam Short Gloves

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  • Luxurious genuine deerskin leather
  • Water resistant leather, lasts up to 5 times longer than regular leather
  • Plain palm, three seam on handback
  • A quality glove with a short wrist for a better fit
  • 12 month warranty – Free shipping, free exchanges/returns

These Men’s Deerskin Three Seam Short Gloves feature premium water resistant deerskin, an extra soft and supple leather. Leather treated with Technaline offers water resistance and durability up to five times longer than untreated leathers. More importantly, because Technaline waterproofing is in the leather, not on it, your hands will not turn black.

At Hugger, we use three different non-synthetic leathers in our gloves: cowhide, goatskin and deerskin.

Cowhide – The most popular kind of leather, for its tensile strength, durability, abrasion resistance, stretch and generally smooth grain.

Goatskin – Compared to cowhide, it has a coarser grain but can be finished to a texture that nearly matches that of cowhide. Goat leather is durable and naturally water resistant. We can shave it quite thin to allow for a closer fit, which makes for a great summer glove. Our softest goatskin resembles buttery soft deerskin so much that we call it Deer Soft and use it in our Deer Soft line of gloves.

Deerskin – Leather from deer, which has an attractive combination of softness, durability and light weight. It also has the unique quality of keeping its soft texture even after becoming wet and drying. We treat deerskin with Technaline to create water resistant, beautifully soft gloves that bounce back from rain showers.

The three seam stitched hand back and short style gives a sleek look to this glove. The plain palm gives a smooth contact surface for driving. Elastic on the wrist back ensures a snug custom fit.

We offer *Free Shipping* and free exchanges on Men’s Deerskin Three Seam Short Gloves. Your satisfaction is our top concern.

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1 review for Men’s Water Resistant Deerskin Three Seam Short Gloves

  1. Jonathan


    had these gloves for a month now. PROS: very comfortable and the fit is great (to my hands atleast). they do well for me in warm and cool weather. blocks wind and viberations good. the flare on wrist does good going over m jacket while allowing breathing because its not tight. CONS: like many gloves the tips of fingers are a little bulky for trying to do delicate things like fix goggles on face/adjust chin strap on helmet.
    as for the “waterproof” i have not tested so i can not make a comment on that.
    would i recommend these: yes

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