Men’s Lined Technaline Leather, Classic Gauntlet Gloves, Water Resistant

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  • Water resistant Technaline goatskin leather
  • Lined with waterproof wonder dry insert – Keeps your hands warm and dry during winter weather
  • Padded palm for maximum comfort
  • Elasticized wrist
  • Perfect for fall, winter, spring riding
  • SIZE: S – 3XL

The Men’s Lined Technaline Leather Classic Gauntlet Glove features premium goatskin leather, which offers water resistance and durability up to five times longer than untreated leathers. More importantly, because Technaline waterproofing is in the leather, not on it, your hands will not turn black.

Lined with waterproof Wonder Dry insert, this glove keeps your hands warm and dry in cooler seasons. The gauntlet style keeps wind and rain off your arms. The padded palm enables a more comfortable and secure grip. Elastic on the wrist ensures a secure fit.

At Hugger, we use three different non-synthetic leathers in our gloves: cowhide, goatskin and deerskin.
Cowhide – The most popular kind of leather, for its tensile strength, durability, abrasion resistance, stretch and generally smooth grain.
Goatskin – Compared to cowhide, it has a coarser grain but can be finished to a texture that nearly matches that of cowhide. Goat leather is durable and naturally water resistant. We can shave it quite thin to allow for a closer fit, which makes for a great summer glove. Our softest goatskin resembles buttery soft deerskin so much that we call it Deer Soft and use it in our Deer Soft line of gloves.
Deerskin – Leather from deer, which has an attractive combination of softness, durability and light weight. It also has the unique quality of keeping its soft texture even after becoming wet and drying. We treat deerskin with Technaline to create water resistant, beautifully soft gloves that bounce back from rain showers.

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7 reviews for Men’s Lined Technaline Leather, Classic Gauntlet Gloves, Water Resistant

  1. Ray in Prescott, Az


    Received lined gauntlets yesterday and am already impressed! First thing I did after trying them on (fit and feel GREAT) was to run the kitchen faucet over them cold and highest pressure for about 5 minutes- not a drop went through and I couldn’t feel the cold from the water- we’re on a well so the cold setting is like ice this time of year! Was a little concerned as I’m used to big bulky winter gloves but compared to my thinsulate lined gaunlets these gloves felt heated! Can’t wait for a real cold ride to put them to the test. Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is I haven’t had them on for a cold ride yet but by all indications they’ll do great! Hugger Gloves just got a new customer!

  2. Ray


    Free shipping and great price! First thing I did when I received my gloves after trying them on (PERFECT FIT!) was turn on the cold water faucet (we’re on a well so it’s like liquid ice) held my gloved hands under the water rubbing it in vigorously, cupping it and generally trying to defeat the water proofing. After 5 minutes at full blast- NOTHING, not a drop penetrated and I couldn’t feel the cold through the gloves either. Very impressed and looking forward to a cold ride! I only gave 4 stars because I haven’t had opportunity to try them on a truly cold ride or in the rain but I suspect they’ll perform just as described. Hugger gloves just got a new customer for sure!

  3. John B


    I purchased these for a trip I am planning. Hugger shipped these super fast. I love the way they fit. I have not experienced their waterproofing (yet).

  4. Steve


    I bought these gloves to do my winter bicycle commuting. The hardest parts to keep protected from the cold in really cold weather are the fingers and toes. I wore them for the first time today in 20 F for my 30 minute commute. I can’t say they kept my fingers toasty warm, but by far, they did a better job than any other glove I’ve tried. Since one of the main selling points of this glove is it’s ability to keep dry in rain, I can’t fault them for not performing better in sub freezing temperature. Hands down, the best glove I’ve tried so far. Well made, and the gauntlets are a God send for keeping cold air out of your sleeves. Well done.

  5. Gail


    My son bought my husband a pair of these gloves for Christmas and he liked them so much that I asked for a pair for my birthday this year. I usually wear men’s gloves becasue I have a wide hand for a woman and when I get the palm wide enough on a women’s glove, the fingers are way too long. Anyway, have put these gloves to the test twice already and they are toasty warm! Haven’t ridden in the rain with them yet, but I’m sure that will happen soon, so I’ll post another review after I rain test them!

  6. Henry


    I’m on my second pair of these gloves, the first pair met their demise only because I was in a wreck, and only because I was wearing them do I still have every bit of skin on both my hands, I ride my 2014 FZ-09 daily and have no other vehicle, I’ve gone through plenty of cold and or wet rides with these gloves and they were phenomenal and I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

  7. Jeff


    This is my third pair, not because the first two pairs gave out, but because over the years I lost them. These are quality gloves for the price and so comfortable which is very important for me.

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