Women’s Water Resistant Touch Screen Police Glove Synthetic Leather Palm


  • NEW Touch Screen Feature
  • Water resistant synthetic leather palm
  • Neoprene outer shell
  • Traditional pat down glove for police and military
  • Free shipping – 12 month warranty – Regular price $24.99

Try the NEW Women’s Touch Screen Police Glove with neoprene outer shell and water resistant synthetic leather palm. Our traditional police and military glove is great for pat downs, writing tickets, and other duties. With touch screen capability you don’t have to worry about taking your gloves off.

At Hugger, we use three different non-synthetic leathers in our gloves: cowhide, goatskin and deerskin. Some of our products, however, perform better with synthetic leather. Many of our work and safety gloves include strips of synthetic leather for improved grip and durability. The synthetic leather we incorporate into our gloves resists staining, scratches, and water damage, retaining its shape despite exposure to the elements at a fraction of the cost of genuine leather.

We understand the importance of comfort while traveling through weather changes. Having the right pair of gloves can make or break the enjoyment of your ride. Our line of leather products will keep your hands warm and dry and allow you to better maintain control of your bike.

Tip: Because the fit of the glove is snug we suggest you buy one size larger if in between sizes.

We offer free shipping, free exchanges, and a 12 month warranty on Women’s Touch Screen Police Gloves.

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