Deer Soft Weatherlite Full Finger Unlined Driving and Motorcycle Glove


  • Super soft, extremely comfortable Deer Soft goatskin leather
  • Total pin-hole saturation for maximum airflow
  • Velcro closure – Elasticized wrist 
  • Gel padded palm to absorb vibration
  • Unlined full finger driving, riding, motorcycle glove
  • Great for spring, summer, and fall riding



Slip on these extremely comfortable Deer Soft leather gloves for your next motorcycle riding adventure. The Deer Soft Weatherlite Full Finger Unlined  Driving and Motorcycle Glove features buttery-soft goatskin leather totally saturated with pin-holes for maximum airflow. These gloves won’t leave you with sweaty hands on a warm summer day. The length goes just past the wrist, with elastic for a snug fit and Velcro for adjustable comfort. The gel padded palm absorbs vibrations from riding.

At Hugger, we use three different non-synthetic leathers in our gloves: cowhide, goatskin and deerskin.

Cowhide – The most popular kind of leather, for its tensile strength, durability, abrasion resistance, stretch and generally smooth grain.
Goatskin – Compared to cowhide, it has a coarser grain but can be finished to a texture that nearly matches that of cowhide. Goat leather is durable and naturally water resistant. We can shave it quite thin to allow for a closer fit, which makes for a great summer glove. Our softest goatskin resembles buttery soft deerskin so much that we call it Deer Soft and use it in our Deer Soft line of gloves.
Deerskin – Leather from deer, which has an attractive combination of softness, durability and light weight. It also has the unique quality of keeping its soft texture even after becoming wet and drying. We treat deerskin with Technaline to create water resistant, beautifully soft gloves that bounce back from rain showers.

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