Head Hugger, Red

Head Hugger, Red


  • Extra wide comfort banding
  • Sized for perfect fit
  • Stops helmet itch
  • Stops sweat dripping in your eyes
  • Stops head hot spots
  • Improves helmet fit
  • Prevents sore spots
  • Prevents sunburn

Underwear for your head – change it daily – do not leave home without it

Red swirl tie dye headhugger. Size: S – L.

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This head hugger made from 95% Cotton 5% Lycra blend fabric features a red swirl tie dye design and extra wide comfort banding.

A head hugger is the perfect thin protective layer to wear under your helmet. It prevents helmet itch, head hot spots and sore spots. It wicks away moisture to keep sweat from beading down your face while riding. Head huggers improve the fit of your helmet. Wear a head hugger any time to prevent sunburn.

Available in sizes small to large. Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry low.

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