Best Fall Gloves

It’s officially Autumn. Ready for cooler temps and colorful trees? Before the days get too short, you might be planning a nice long trip on your beloved bike. Make sure you’ve got the right gloves for the ride by checking out our list of recommendations below:

  1. Our top seller is the Wind Stopper, and no wonder: the long leather gauntlet extends nearly to the elbows, keeping chilly Fall gusts out of your sleeves. They also look great as a finishing touch to a variety of Halloween costumes for men and women (think pirate, superhero or a certain Star Wars villain). Reg. $24.94
  2. Also popular is the Basic Seamless Riding Glove: a sleek, classy glove constructed of water resistant leather. In climates with rainier fall weather, this is the ideal glove. The design of the palm and hand back means that there are fewer seams for water to potentially enter. Also in women’s sizes. Reg. $33.94
  3. The Quick Dry Glove for men and women is another great choice for changeable autumn weather. Perforations on the hand back allow air circulation on warmer days but also quicker drying time if you happen to be caught in a shower on the road. Reg. $26.94-29.94
  4. For zones that stay warm this time of year, Fingerless Gel Palm Gloves aka GPFG (for men) or WPGPG (for women) are an excellent choice. The fingerless style give essential coverage while letting fingers breathe, and the Technaline treated leather resists shrinking and wrinkling after exposure to rain. The thick gel pad on the palm offers our highest level of comfort. Reg. $27.94-29.94
  5. For those who prefer a leather alternative, the Air Cooled No Sweat Knit Glove for men and women is a best seller. The breathable textile is washable in cool water. As a bonus, the women’s version of this glove is touch screen compatible. Reg. $18.94-19.94

No matter your choice, know that customer service means everything to us. Ask us questions and try our products with confidence, knowing we offer free return shipping. We want our gloves to be your favorite gloves.

Have a great ride!

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