Waterproof Leather

Analine Leather

Analine leather is the highest quality leather available anywhere. Since our beginning in 1994, we have used only Analine quality leather. That’s it. It wears longer and makes a softer, noticeably more comfortable glove than leather of a lesser quality. Furthermore, Technaline’s waterproofing is most effective when used with Analine leather.


Making Waterproof  Technaline Leather

Technaline Waterproof LeatherIn 1994, I decided to begin a business selling gloves to the motorcycle industry. At the time, the only difference between one company and another was price and leather quality. A friend of mine, a retired chemist who had worked for NASA for 30 years, posed a question to me, “Why do you not make the leather waterproof?” I answered, “It has never been done!” Why must you wear plastic baggies on your hands to keep them dry when the rain soaks through your gloves? He asked if I could get some unfinished leather to him, and I did. He disappeared for a month, and when he reappeared;he demonstrated what he had been up to. Waterproof leather! He further demonstrated the thoroughness of the waterproofing by suspending the leather in water for 72 hours. Not a drop leaked through. This process is being repeated daily in our manufacturing building. Other companies have tried to duplicate the process…only Hugger has succeeded with Technaline.

Unlined Gloves vs. Lined Gloves

Here at Hugger we carry both unlined and lined gloves. “Unlined Gloves” refers to both a totally unlined glove and a glove with a light-weight lining. In these gloves, the leather itself is waterproof, meaning that no amount of water will ruin its softness or flexibility. The average, non-waterproof glove will become stiff and hard when exposed to too much water. For all our gloves, this will never be the case. Since these gloves are, for the most part, unlined; your hands may get wet in heavy rain due to the seams from sewing the glove together. For full protection from the water, we also offer lined gloves. These gloves include a “Wonder Dry” inner lining that prevents even a trickle of water from touching your hands.

Level 5 Fibre
Safety Gloves

Like most riders, at some point in time you will be forced to lay your bike down while riding. I was going 55 and rode into sand.The result was a broken shoulder and the skin torn off my hands. This experience has been repeated many times by you and your friends. As a result, I was determined to make a real safety glove, one that was wearable in all conditions and that would provide the highest measure of safety protection. The average motorcycle rider involved in a motorcycle accident is riding at 55 mph. If forced to lay down your bike at that speed, you will slide or tumble. Natural inclination is to use your hands to break your slide, but this is not possible without tearing the skin from your hands. You have heard the horrible skin graft stories.  No one has taken the time, nor made the investment to make a real safety glove for stability and sliding protection for when that awful moment arrives. That is, no one until now. We developed a breathable knit insert with Dyneema and micro-steel fiber that exceeds all safety inserts made anywhere. We built it into a super flexible, waterproof glove providing usability, durability and safety all in one glove. Try the WSDRY for women and the MSDRY for men. Ride with confidence. Know that those 6 seconds of sliding will not end in tragedy. 


Largest Women’s Selection

Virtually every glove we make for men, we also make for women. Yes, we have the largest collection of women’s gloves in the USA. At many of our retailers, women’s gloves fly off the shelves just as quickly as our men’s styles, sometimes even more so. Our fit is excellent and we even give extra length to the fingers allowing for long fingernails. We are #1 in offering women a wide variety of gloves that meet their needs.

Here Are Some Facts About Hugger Products:

  • Hugger offers gloves in sizes up to 3X in all our men’s styles! No more searching for gloves that fit. We have a terrific selection for all you guys with larger hands.
  • Technaline leather lasts up to 5 times longer than the average leather.
  • Our everyday police officers wear our gloves for 2 ½ years.
  • In June of 2013, one customer replaced a fingerless glove he had purchased over 11 years ago!
  • Motorcycle Police departments are wearing our gauntlets for at least 8 years and have yet to replace them.
  • We make a fingerless and full fingered glove for riders with Carpel Tunnel hand pain problems, and for riders who love riding with gloves that reduce the pressure on your hands (especially on all day rides). STG and STC in Men’s, and Women’s WSTG and WSTC styles are the most comfortable summer riding gloves ever designed.
  • We receive countless letters and comments about all the features on our gloves.

That is our story. We are here for you. Remember we offer free shipping, free returns, free exchanges and 100% money back guarantee. Thanks for reading.

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Steve Craft
President and Founder
Hugger Gloves

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